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Kids Cooking Classes


*EXTRA DATES ADDED * New 8-Week course starting Sunday 11th April

Due to popular demand, Michelin-starred Aniar Restaurant, owner and chef, JP McMahon in Galway has today announced he will host an additional 8-week cookery course for kids aged 8 to 15 years old starting Sunday 11th April. The course will teach children some crowd-pleasing and family-friendly food such as lasagna, pancakes, bread, and even roast chicken. The classes will be held virtually via Zoom each Sunday morning from 11 am to 1 pm.

Budding young chefs can pre-book to attend the full course, priced at €250 or choose to attend individual classes for €35 per session with ingredients list and required tools shared in advance. 

Students will also have the option of cooking along with JP, or tuning into the class later and putting the learnings into practice on their own when it has finished. 

With lockdown restrictions making it difficult for kids to attend their usual extra-curricular, JP’s virtual course gives kids an entertaining, interactive and educational experience. As parental supervision is advised for kids under 12, the classes also offer parents the chance to bond with their kids over everyone’s favourite talking point - food! 

JP McMahon said: “We are really excited to introduce our virtual cookery course for kids. As a dad myself, I know just how important it is for kids to learn new skills and for us as parents to encourage passions and talents. Lockdown has made it all the more difficult to ensure our kids are reaching their potential so our 8-week course is a fantastic opportunity to teach a life-long skill in a fun way. 

“We have made sure that the classes offer variety when it comes to recipes but also that each class is suitable for a variety of abilities. As a chef, my own personal ethos is to harness traditional methods and local produce, so I will also share some of my own beliefs and passions in hopes I can open our attendees’ eyes to the world of food around them too.”

Ideal for children already showing talent in the kitchen and those that need a little encouragement, the course will not only teach how to cook traditional meals and recipes, but also teach must-know culinary skills along the way. It will also support kids to build an increased understanding of Irish produce and appreciation for different flavours through a relaxed and fun format. 

Purchase your 8-week course or individual cookery session using the Paypal button below. An outline of the recipes for each week is described below. Participants will be sent a certificate and an Aniar apron * on completion of the 8-week course. 

(* One apron per booking, applies to participants completing the full 8-week course only).

Aniar Kids Online Class (Sunday Class)

Kids 8 Week Course: Outline of each week.

Week 1 - Bread.  [ Sunday 11th April 2021 ]

  1. Focaccia
  2.  Brown Soda Bread
  3. Making scones

Week 2 - Beef.  [ Sunday 18th April 2021 ]

  1. Lasagna – component parts white sauce, ragu (base for a tomato sauce)
  2. Derivatives – Cheese Sauce, Parsley Sauce
  3. Homemade burger, homemade ketchup
  4. Pickled cucumber

Week 3 - Lamb/Vegetables.  [ Sunday 25th April 2021 ]

  1. Shepard’s Pie
  2. The perfect Mashed Potato
  3. Vegetable curry
  4. Salt-baked Vegetables

Week 4 - Chicken.   [ Sunday 2nd May 2021 ]

  1. Chicken Goujons & Chips
  2. Moorish Chicken Skewers
  3. Piquillo Pepper Sauce
  4. Chicken Teriyaki

Week 5 – Fish and Shellfish.   [ Sunday 9th May 2021 ]

  1. Fish Tacos with guacamole & salsa
  2. Mussels & Oysters
  3. Battered monkfish with Home-made mayonnaise
  4. Hake and peas

Week 6 - Eggs/ Pastry.   [ Sunday 16th May 2021 ]

  1. Mushroom Quiche
  2. Omelette and scrambled egg
  3. Homemade Sausage Rolls
  4. Poach/Frying egg

Week 7 - Sweet 01.   [ Sunday 23rd May 2021 ]

  1. Chocolate Mousse
  2. Biscotti
  3. Chocolate Brownie

Week 8 - Sweet 02.   [ Sunday 30th May 2021 ]

  1. Fluffy Pancakes
  2. Jam and compote
  3. Meringue
  4. Cookies