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The Aniar School-Project aims to teach primary and secondary school children the value of good food and being in touch with your local landscape. From the farm to the shore, from the vegetable patch to the kitchen table, the importance of our environment cannot be overstated. We feel strongly at Aniar that the next generation need to be educated with regard to the food traditions that we as a restaurant commit ourselves to daily. From thinking about our taste buds to learning how to pickle and preserve, from baking bread to eating wild foods, the Aniar School-Project hopes to showcase the wealth and depth of food culture in the west of Ireland to school children. While we often consider terroir to amount to the sum of the product or object in our local environment, we must remember that our terroir also includes the people that populate that landscape at this given moment in history. In this case, it is the next generation who hold the key to our future terroir. It is our aim to educate them.

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